Developing Leadership Character

Developing Leadership Character (half or full day)

Leadership is about character. Leadership character is something that can be developed and is crucial for emerging leaders in the fast-paced global economy. Leadership character is especially important for emerging leaders in the wake of several well-known corporate scandals and leadership failures. Even leaders with established reputations are finding it difficult to compel others to follow them.

This seminar is focused on developing leadership character and on strengthening ethical judgment. We first examine the nuts-and-bolts of ethical decision-making. Participants are given a series of ethical dilemmas that are based on actual business situations. Through small group and class discussions of the scenarios, various ethical concepts and methods are introduced. Participants will also explore shareholder and stakeholder views of the role of business in society. We examine perspectives from various leaders as well as case analyses of Merck, BP Amoco, and others.

The Turknett Leadership Character Model is introduced. The model, based on 25 years of experience, asserts that character is grounded in integrity and achieved by balancing of respect and responsibility. The core qualities of respect and responsibility are described, and techniques for developing leadership character are introduced. Participants leave the seminar with a set of ideas about how to make ethical decisions and plans for developing their own leadership character.

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