How Top Leaders Negotiate

How Top Leaders Negotiate Workshop (half day)

Success in business, as in life, depends on negotiation skills. Leaders, in one manner or another, are engaged in constant negotiation. Effective leaders are those who negotiate in ways that create value for their organizations and manage conflict constructively.

Negotiation involves two distinct kinds of strategic processes – capturing value out of the situation and creating value for the other party. Successful negotiators are adept in both kinds of strategic processes. Strategies and tactics for both capturing and creating value will be developed in this seminar.

Because negotiation skills are best learned through hands-on experience, rather than through lecture, negotiation tactics are taught and practiced through interactive exercises. By negotiating with each other, seminar participants are also able to give one another concrete feedback and coaching.

This session also draws on lessons about negotiation that come from some of the world’s top corporate leaders. It includes in-depth case analyses as well as behind-the-scenes insights about negotiation from one-on-one CEO interviews. Participants will leave the seminar with an understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses as a negotiator, a practical framework for use in future negotiations, and advice for how to get better results in their on-going business negotiations.

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