Impact Feedback Workshop

Impact Feedback Workshop (half or full day)

Feedback and coaching are important skills for effectively managing and improving performance. Training can help ensure that managers are equipped with the proper knowledge, skills and tools to provide performance feedback and coaching that delivers results. This workshop also strengthens overall communication skills and can be helpful for individual contributors who must give feedback to colleagues they do not supervise.

Participants are introduced to the “Situation, Behavior, Impact” model for giving feedback, a model that makes feedback more specific and actionable and lessens resistance. The format for the workshop is interactive – activities help participants learn to maximize their ability to communicate with others, and action-oriented media tools are used to enable participants to observe and practice both giving and receiving feedback.

Participants also learn the four most common feedback pitfalls, the eight essential qualities of good feedback, how to maintain calm in stressful feedback situations, and the Stop, Start, Continue model for team feedback.

The Turknett Leadership Character Model forms a framework for the workshop, and the qualities of accountability, courage, empathy and emotional mastery are emphasized, as all are essential to effective feedback.

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