Leadership & Decision Making

Leadership and Decision Making: Using Power Wisely

Styles of leadership must be tailored to fit the situations that leaders face. However, few people have gone beyond this truism to specify how this should be done. At Yale University, Professor Victor Vroom and associates have been doing research on this question for nearly three decades. They have formulated a revolutionary new model that deals with how and when leaders should involve their associates in decision making. The model examines forms of leadership styles and specifies when each is effective in contemporary organizations. This one-day seminar will introduce participants to these powerful ideas and give them an understanding of the alternative styles available to them and of their costs and benefits in different situations.

Participants will receive a CD-ROM version of the model in the form of an expert system, and learn how to use this tool in their own leadership situations. An important feature of the seminar will be the opportunity for participants to work on a set of 30 short cases in advance of the seminar. In each case they will be asked what they would do if they were faced with that leadership situation. Each person’s choices are analyzed by computer, in which they receive a five-page, individualized analysis of his or her leadership style. The choices are also compared with a model that shows the strengths and potential weaknesses of each style and individualized suggestions for improvement.

This day long seminar ends with a description of results from over 125,000 managers who have worked the same cases. Results are reported about levels of participation as a function of age, gender, national culture, industry, and more.

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