Leading Strategic & Cultural Change

Leading Strategic & Cultural Change Workshops (half or full day)

The pace, scope and depth of change that is occurring in business demands that organizations are also extremely flexible, adept and quick. This session concerns the challenge of leading change in order to effectively implement new business strategies. Leading a change in strategy or in operating culture is necessary for any leader.

This seminar explains how successful change is possible only through effective leadership at both personal and organizational levels of analysis. At the personal level, leaders must develop their own knowledge base in order to chart new directions for their teams or companies. We will examine how leaders learn, and draw attention to the importance of educating, using science, and developing sound intuition and instincts. At the organizational level, leaders must accomplish the functions of a leader during change.This seminar explores four such leadership functions.

In a change process, leaders must diagnose the need for change, articulate a vision, implement change processes, and assess results and sustainability of change.We examine the challenge of learning and the process of leading change with in-depth analysis of several cases including PepsiCo, BP Amoco, Boeing, Procter and Gamble, Motorola and others.

Finally, seminar participants are given opportunities to apply lessons from the seminar to their own change problems through group discussion and analysis.

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