Negotiation & Conflict Management

Negotiation and Conflict Management Workshops

One day

Success in business, as in life, depends on negotiation skills. This seminar considers the practice of leadership to be made up of a series of negotiations, and assumes that leaders, in one manner or another, are engaged in constant negotiation.

Negotiation involves two distinct kinds of strategic processes — capturing and creating value. Successful negotiators are adept in either kind of strategic process. Strategies and tactics for both capturing and creating value will be described in this seminar. Negotiation tactics are introduced through role-playing negotiation exercises. This approach is based on the idea that negotiation skills are best learned through hands-on experience, rather than lecture. By negotiating with each other, seminar participants are also able to give one another concrete feedback and coaching. It is a fun way to learn.

Participants will leave the session with an understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses as a negotiator, a practical framework for use in future negotiations, and advice for how to get better results in their on-going business negotiations.

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