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Photo/Video Scavenger Hunt as Part of Team-Building or Off-site Meetings

TLG’s Photo/Video Scavenger Hunt is a unique, interactive, highly energizing teambuilding event. While the purpose of the exercise can vary based on the desired outcomes of the group, the exercise itself promotes teamwork and unity and helps breakdown any barriers that may be present within the group. Coupled with facilitation, the exercise is designed to generate lively discussion and ultimately, devise solutions for better ways to work as a team. Having fun and learning are not mutually exclusive and this is an excellent way to do both.

To insure that the exercise and discussion are completely relevant and geared to the team’s needs, a Turknett consultant will interview the team leader prior to the event regarding the desired focus and objectives. Some examples include enhancing working relationships, stimulating better communications, valuing differences, rallying the troops for new challenges, or a kick-off for the year or new quarter. An on-line, pre-workshop survey can also be created to gather input from participants.

The Hunt: This exercise typically takes about three-hours, but can be longer depending on the number of people involved. The number of participants can range from a small group of twenty to a much larger group. The exercise can take place in almost any location you choose, including indoor and/or outside facilities.

Outcomes: By posing for and creating photos (or videos) that capture the spirit and innovation of each team as well as their ability to collaborate with each other, the whole group has a chance to reflect on some key issues in a fun, non-threatening competitive way. Photos may be scored for creativity and involvement of all members. Each photo or video vignette demonstrates communication – from effective to ineffective – and the importance of working together to get the best results.The Photo/Video Scavenger Hunt is the perfect answer to the often-asked question, “What can we do with our team that’s new and different, fun and informative, creative and contemplative, simple and cost-effective?”

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