Leadership Character Workshops

The goal of Leadership Character programs is to provide engaging workshops that help individuals develop their leadership character. The programs are customized according to the needs of the organization and participants, and thus range from a 2 hour briefing to an extensive program of leaders teaching leaders cascading the model throughout the organization. Learn More.

Full Day Workshop: A typical Full Day Leadership Character Workshop begins with a presentation of the Leadership Character Model, including activities and discussions around Integrity (the base of the model) and the balance of Respect and Responsibility. Participants are then debriefed on their own Leadership Character Profile and Leadership Character 360 results, assessments which participants typically complete prior to the workshop. Based on the assessment results, participants are then guided through goal setting and action planning activities.

Half Day Workshop: Half Day Leadership Character Workshops are an abbreviated version of the Full Day. Presentations, activities, and exercises are delivered to facilitate learning the Leadership Character Model. Half Day programs typically include debriefing the Leadership Character profile, which is completed prior to the workshop, and individualized action planning based on individuals’ results.

Leaders as Teachers Cascading Program: The Leaders as Teachers Cascading Process is a program for developing leaders and for assuring an ethical culture. It is designed to teach managers and leaders across an entire organization the qualities of character needed for integrity-based leadership at any level. Because the most effective way to learn is to teach, a cascading “leader as teacher” approach is used. The approach allows leaders to be heavily involved in both facilitating and modeling the key concepts throughout.

Follow-Up System: To ensure sustained development, we offer a Follow-Up system that is a valuable addition to any Leadership Character workshop. After the workshop, participants are directed to an on-line interface that tracks and makes recommendations for achieving developmental goals set during the workshop. The system allows participants to report progress on their objectives, plan next steps, and request guidance from a coach or manager. The system also includes an automated follow-up/reminder system. Also included is a dashboard that can be used to review the progress of the group and individuals.

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