Diagnostic Tools

Our Approach to Diagnostics

Rate your manager on Leadership Character and receive a confidential summary report.

Custom Organizational Effectiveness Surveys

Turknett can customize an assessment tool that enables management to quickly scan the climate and culture of an organization and identify its strengths and weaknesses. The survey can measure employee evaluations of organizational health, such as leadership, communication, and motivation. A benchmark is then established that allows an organization to evaluate itself on an ongoing basis.

Retention Index

A survey based on research from academic and private sources that reflects a set of common themes found to effect retention. It includes 6 dimensions-Work Design, Leadership, and Development within the Organization, Team and Job levels and 30 categories of retention; such as inter-group cooperation, autonomy, meaningful work, customer focus. More on Retention services.

Leadership Character 360

Based on the dimensions in the Turknett Leadership Character Model, participants complete a 360-degree survey in which they rate themselves and are also rated by their peers, direct reports and their boss.

360 Degree Feedback

This tool is used to gather data from many sources. Participants invite peers, direct reports, the boss and others to rate them on many different aspects of leadership such as communication skills, dependability, risk-taking, and conflict resolution. These scores, including a self-assessment, are then aggregated into a 360 Rating Report. This data is especially helpful in pinpointing what the areas of strengths and opportunities for improvement are for each individual.

Follow-Up 360

To improve the effectiveness of a 360 Degree Assessment and Feedback process, implementing a follow up survey to measure change is key. The data gathered in the follow up survey shows whether there has been any improvement in the areas targeted for improvement by the individual.

Team Characteristics Survey

This survey is built upon 12 key characteristics that make an effective team. These characteristics are expanded into 26 descriptive items and several open-ended questions. The analysis report provides quantitative and qualitative data, giving you a quick and powerful snapshot of team effectiveness and actionable data.

Custom Web-based Surveys

Keep your pulse on what’s happening in your organization and let Turknett consultants help you design a custom web-based survey to take the pulse of your organization or to meet specific challenges or situations.

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