Culture and Climate Surveys

Organizational culture concerns the deeply rooted beliefs, values, and norms shared by the members of an organization. TLG’s climate and cultural assessment process can help an organization understand if its culture and climate support and drive the actions necessary to achieve its goals, facilitate the integration of two organizations’ cultures during a merger or acquisition, and determine the fit of new hires into the existing culture of the organization. Learn more about TLG’s methodology for assessing corporate culture and see below for a list of tools used the assessment process:

The Turknett Organizational Profile (TOP)

The Turknett Organizational Profile (TOP) is an assessment tool that enables management to scan the climate and culture of an organization and identify strengths and problem areas. The standard TOP also measures multiple dimensions of organizational health, such as leadership, communication, motivation, and other dimensions that are research-supported as critical to organizational morale and productivity. It can be used to identify strengths and weaknesses and is an objective means of measuring multiple facets of an organization.

The results of the TOP are “normed” against a database of multiple organizations in a variety of industries, allowing an organization to evaluate its results relative to other companies. Industry-specific norms may be available. The analysis report enables an organization to precisely and accurately identify its strengths and opportunities for improvement. The specific feedback provided is key to developing tailored interventions and initiatives for effectively addressing an organization’s developmental needs. The report provides a benchmark that allows an organization to evaluate itself on an ongoing basis. Learn more.

The results of the TOP can also be used to produce an Organizational Character report and a Retention Index report.

Organizational Character Report

Because the culture of an organization is often the result of the leaders within it, a direct link between leadership and organizational culture is often observed. The Organizational Character Report displays important domains of an organization’s culture that tie directly to leadership behavior, and is based upon the Turknett Leadership Character Model™. A detailed report is provided that is based upon employees evaluations of the organization’s Integrity, Respect, Responsibility and multiple sub-domains, and can be used to guide specific leadership development activities.

Retention Index Report

The Retention Index Report is based on the Turknett Retention Model™. This model is based on research from academic and private sources and reflects a set of common themes found to affect retention. Retention index results are organized around three dimensions—Work Design, Leadership, and Development—at the Organization, Team and Job levels. Thirty specific categories of retention are included, such as inter-group cooperation, autonomy, meaningful work, and customer focus.

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