Organization Effectiveness

The key to successful organizational interventions is accurate organizational diagnosis. TLG can provide assessment tools that enable management to quickly scan the climate and culture of an organization and identify its strengths and weaknesses. The assessment measures employee evaluations different elements of organizational health, such as leadership, communication, and motivation.

The diagnosis provided provides an organization with the information to precisely and accurately define its problems and strengths. Accurate and precise definitions of problem areas are the key to developing tailored interventions which effectively address an organization’s developmental needs.

Turknett Leadership Group customizes its intervention to a particular organization’s needs. Most importantly, we help the organization to get involved in identifying and implementing solutions to the problems defined.

Leadership development is a powerful lever for organization and cultural change. The Executive Development Program is most appropriate at the individual level, and can get each leader focused on top organization change priorities. Leadership Team Development is targeted to increasing understanding, alignment, and leadership at the team level.

We can help you determine your organization’s strengths and weaknesses and identify appropriate plans for development.

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