Competency Modeling


To improve human performance in organizations, a thorough understanding of the organization, its strategy, and the competencies to fulfill that strategy are needed. Competency modeling is the analysis of the knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviors required for success in your organization, now and in the future.

Effective competency models are written in behavioral terms so they are directly observable. In addition, they are linked to the overall company strategy as well as the requirements for each position in the organization. Effective organizations use competency models as the foundation for all HR services. When developed with senior management, competency models align human resources with the larger strategy of the organization, making HR a strategic partner vs. a personnel department.

TLG develops and validates competencies to meet your specific business needs while also adhering to federal guidelines (e.g., EEOC, OFCCP) and professional best practices.

Another benefit of using competencies as the foundation for all HR systems is that each become aligned with one another, sending a clear, coherent message to employees about what is important and rewarded.

In essence, competencies enable the culture of the organization to become “hard-coded” into all HR systems.

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