Job Descriptions

Most companies show little regard for job descriptions and end up with just a piece of paper that gives a cursory description of the job. In fact, job descriptions carry a lot of weight, with implications for:

  • Recruitment and Selection
  • ADA requirements
  • Workflow and Compensation
  • Training
  • Performance Management
  • Career Development
  • Legal Compliance

Without a job description, it is impossible to hold a person accountable for performing the duties of their position.

A good job description should have as its foundation a job analysis that identifies the Essential Functions, physical requirements, competencies and minimum qualifications.

Because job descriptions often include minimum qualifications, they can serve as a selection tool. In addition, job descriptions are very important for determining Reasonable Accommodations as outlined by the ADA and 2009 Amendments. For both of these reasons and to ensure your job descriptions are within federal guidelines, TLG uses a method to validate your job descriptions, making them legally defensible and reducing your potential liability.

TLG can also help you build a “job description engine” to update job descriptions based on requirements of the job. As your jobs change, so too will your job descriptions, keeping HR current and aligned with the needs of the organization.

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