Emerging Leader Program

This program develops skills that are essential for leading a business enterprise in today’s global economy. The program is most suitable for those who are emerging leaders – managers who have been identified as having high leadership potential or those who have recently entered into leadership positions.

TLG’s Emerging Leader Development Program offers a fully integrated approach to leadership development. The program consists of assessment, seminars, and one-on-one coaching. Program components are designed to complement one another.

Assessment – Each participant will receive extensive assessment of their leadership competencies and decision-making skills. Personality and leadership inventories will be administered, including our Leadership Character 360, which is an assessment of leadership character and leadership competencies. This series of assessments will provide direct, actionable feedback about leadership strengths and areas for improvement, and serve as a focus on the specific needs of each participant.

Seminars – The program includes four seminars that cover essential skills for all emerging leaders. Seminars will focus on topics of leadership and decision-making, negotiation and conflict management, leading strategic and cultural change, and developing leadership character. A key ingredient of each seminar will be opportunities for participants to interact with others in the program. This peer based learning with eight to twelve participants affords time for sharing ideas and developing interactive skills.

Coaching – Each participant will also receive 4 one-on-one coaching sessions with one of TLG’s Senior Consultants. During the individual sessions, participants will review the results of their assessments with an experienced consultant with an advanced degree in behavioral science. This part of the development concentrates on issues that are unique to the individual. Participants will work with our consultants to set developmental goals and implement new, more effective leadership behaviors.

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