Succession Planning


Today’s dynamic business environment necessitates that succession management be an actively ongoing process integrated with the organization’s strategic plan. Turknett Leadership Group focuses on objectively assessing, identifying and developing high potential employees as well as outside candidates to align with the organization’s strategic goals and required competencies for future leadership.

The following is a list of objectives for every Turknett succession planning project:

  • An assessment of the current culture and the ideal culture to achieve your long-term strategic objectives.
  • A model of current and future success competencies for every management position.
  • An understanding of each manager’s strengths, weaknesses, and succession readiness.
  • A plan for improving the capabilities of all managers and leaders.

We begin with an assessment of your current culture as well as what you would like your culture to be to maximize your ability to achieve your strategic objectives. We then identify the current and future required competencies for each identified management position and objectively evaluate selected managers’ levels of competencies using a customized 360-degree evaluation tool. We summarize the succession readiness for each manager, implement a custom program for developing and coaching all managers for future success, and create a plan for continued development.

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