Talent Review Process

In times of mergers, acquisitions or when integrating a new executive into a team, a Leadership Talent Assessment or Talent Review can be an invaluable tool to ensure continued success in meeting business objectives. In order to meet the on-going challenges of placing the right people in the right positions and developing high potential talent for future positions of responsibility, TLG provides expertise in the assessment and identification of leadership potential and developmental needs, whether within a team or an entire organization.

Our process is focused on validly and accurately assessing each individual’s personal characteristics, social and communication style, decision-making effectiveness, and management and leadership competencies. We can also evaluate an individual’s fit within the organization’s culture or for a specific role. This process is especially useful for overall management assessment, review of executive talent, assessment of a new leader’s existing team, evaluation of leadership teams in a merger situation or for a peer review. The process assists an organization in the evaluation and development of its leadership talent pool, in planning for succession and talent management. Learn more.

Expected Outcomes

  • Identification of potential and fit for a leadership position; areas of strength and limitations; includes review of individual integrity and leadership character
  • Broader understanding of the “state of the organization” in terms of succession planning, bench strength, and the overall team effectiveness
  • Clarification of development needs
  • Review of possible organizational issues for consideration by the team leader

Benefits of a Talent Assessment/Review:

  • To the individual: Coaching and mentoring based on identified needs
  • To the team: Identifying “stars” and capitalizing on talent
  • To the organization: Cost benefit ratio, i.e., putting everyone who is on the bus in the right seats

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