Stepping Into Change

Stepping into ChangeBy Jonathan Palombo

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Lily Leung once said, “when in doubt, choose change”. This is one of my favorite quotes. Change is unavoidable. Sometimes we can mitigate it, but one way or another we will face it. The question is, do you embrace it or fight it? My wife and I recently embraced it in a bigger way than we ever thought we would.

The Pivot

Many of us have faced change brought on by the year 2020. I proposed to my wife in December of 2019, and like so many other eager couples, we were happily awaiting and planning our wedding. Once the pandemic hit, things changed quickly. We found ourselves locked down in our apartment with no idea how long this would last. What would the world look like in August? Would things be worse? Better? We were not going to wait to find out. As Ross Geller once famously said: “PIVOT.” We took our wedding virtual and embraced the change. Putting together a Zoom wedding in a two-week time frame was hectic, but it had its benefits! But that is another story.

So, we’re married. Now what? Our apartment lease was coming to an end, and with it, a critical decision. Where do we live? Everyone had been encouraging us to buy a home since interest rates were at historic lows. I was approved for a nice mortgage. We also considered leasing another apartment or renting a home. Finding and buying a house in just a few months did seem like a tall task. So, why stop there? My wife then brought up the idea of moving to Atlanta?!? Is this what marriage is truly like? Get married and whisk away to a new land? Seems about right. We prayed and pondered on it. Ultimately, we felt that this was our calling – our promised land.

Embracing Change

Moving to Georgia meant a lot of change for us that we had never experienced. We were born and raised in Michigan and had known nothing else. None of our family lived in Georgia (my brother lived in Augusta at the time but moved back before we went). No connections. Nothing. But we were determined to try. So, we went down for two entire days. Yup, just two. We went down for Labor Day weekend to visit Metro Atlanta. When we had returned, we had secured a place to stay for two months, thanks to the owners of the Airbnb we stayed at. We also had made connections through a church that we had visited. The affirmation we had experienced was unbelievable. This is where we were to be. We returned to Michigan and got to work. The planning had begun.

There was a lot of uncertainty surround our decision. I had to resign from my position as a Marketing Coordinator at my company. Having not been employed since my junior year of high school, this part was a bit frightening for me. I was surrendering something good in the name of something greater (I hoped). There was also the question of finding a permanent place to stay. Where would we settle? What happens if I don’t find work for a while and we get an apartment? What if we couldn’t get approved? We had roughly two months to figure this all out. The stakes were high. We knew, however, that this is where God was leading us, and we also knew that God would provide. So, the plans moved forward.

Steps Towards Change

On January 9th, 2021, we arrived in Tyrone, Georgia. My wife continued working remotely while I got right to work on my job search. I had been job searching out-of-state for about two months before the move. I began to get some calls from some employers I had reached out to previously. All of a sudden, four interviews were lined up within the first week of being down here. It seemed to be no coincidence that this all began to happen after I relocated. Everything fell into place very quickly. We found a great apartment in Fayetteville. Pretty soon, I received the opportunity to interview with TLG and was presented with an offer that I could not refuse (cue the Godfather). Within a month of arrival, we had moved into our new apartment. The next chapter of our lives had begun.

So here I am, writing this article. I have certainly dealt with my fair share of change over the last year. As you can tell, my wife and I seized that moment and pursued our calling. If you are facing change in your life and you aren’t sure about it or have doubts – take a step. It could be a small step. But sometimes, a small step can lead to a lot of affirmation. I also encourage that you seek counsel. If you are someone of faith, pray about it, and have others pray about it with you. If you are unsure, seek out a mentor, coach, or someone who has faced a similar situation. And of course, be wise in your decisions. Evaluate, and plan. We certainly did not just get up and go. Three months of strategic planning went into our move. I hope that the next time you are facing change that this helps you to seize the day.

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