Teamwork, the Ability to Collaborate Towards a Common Vision

By Ikram Omar

TLG Communications and Marketing Coordinator

Teamwork, the ability to collaborate towards a common vision. This is the fuel that allows people to reach endless goals. But how can a team work so well together and get to that point? Communicating and understanding each other is vital to any team dynamic. It is deeper than surface level communication and comprehension.

“The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said,” said Peter F. Drucker, writer, professor, and management consultant.

We must take the time to truly learn each other’s personality and behaviors. This is something I realized when I completed my first personality test. The True Colors personality assessment opened my eyes. This assessment gives each person unique insights into their own personality type and decision-making preferences through the True Colors methodology perspective. It was a game changer for me because I was able to begin a journey of self-awareness and gain an understanding of the different types of communication styles around me.

At the time when I took the test, I was collaborating with some of my former classmates on a project which was also a competition within our class. I encouraged my team to take it so we could better understand each other and improve our collaboration. Once we all took the assessment and learned of everyone’s results, I noticed we all had different styles or “colors”. When we recognized our own individual styles and the styles of our peers, we were able to better communicate with each other and understand our behavior styles. We were able to improve our level of communication, while still staying true to our personality and engaged with each other much more than before. We were one team, one dream for an entire semester. As a result, I am happy to share that out of a class size of 400 my team ended up winning the competition as well.