Tino’s Corner: Digital Transformation

Other than the word “redacted” it seems like “transformation” must have been the most common term used in sentences in 2018. I say this with no scientific proof, but after all this is my piece for the newsletter so please read on…

In the book I am currently reading, “The Digital Transformation Playbook”, author David Rogers whittles down the essence of transforming business into five key focus areas: competition, customer, value, data, and innovation. TLG team members concur.

It seems that most people, when first introduced to the term digital transformation, think of the CIO and the CTO…. “make it happen” people. As in most cases, technology plays a role to support aspects of any transformation, but one can’t effectively change leadership, culture, nor strategy through technology alone. Transformation is about organizational change. Today, it can be argued that digital transformation is being driven from the bottom up more than the top down. When I refer to “bottom up” I think of both employee-driven and customer-driven as the prime movers of change.

Being of the baby boomer era I think I speak for must of us when I say the whole transformation thing can be frightening. We didn’t grow up with a cell phone in our hand before we were five years old. We had to work hard to be collaborative versus working hard to not be collaborative. We lived before the era of social communication. Companies didn’t personalize things for us. When you went to buy a car it came in red, white, black or blue. Now there is mass customization with a growing reliance on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

In 1991, author Tom Peters wrote one of my favorite books of all times – “Thriving on Chaos”. He talked about there being only two types of companies – “the quick and the dead”. Little did he know at that time that he was in the calm before the storm.



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