The WIL Advantage

TLG has a long history of supporting women’s leadership and advancement through individual executive development programs and its signature Women in Leadership (WIL) seminar series.  Since June 2003, the WIL series has inspired, informed, and invigorated over 7200 executives, high potential managers, and professionals from 3000+ organizations across all sectors.

Advantages and Benefits:  

  • Invaluable career and leadership insights from highly respected and experienced leadership role models from across all sectors 
  • Monthly small group (“up close and personal”) breakfast events created for women and equally open to men who are partners in leadership  and who support women’s advancement  
  • An interactive learning experience in a safesupportive, and engaging setting
  • A diverse group of 50-60 participants each month with opportunities for  personal introductions and professional connections 
  • Varied formats include presentations, interviews, panels, and open discussion on significant topics relevant to leaders at all levels
  • Series topics/speakers announced in advance for the entire year
  • Subscriptions available to companies, organizations, and individuals with the opportunity to fill seats with different participants each month
  • Enhances experiences gained from internal women’s initiatives provided within participants’ own organizations
  • Included in TLG’s Executive Development Program for female clients 
  • Access provided to all participants to WIL Highlights, TLG newsletter, and other leadership updates to share with their colleagues and teams