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InterOrganization Network (ION) Presents: A Status Report on Women Directors and Executive Officers of Public Companies in Ten Regions of the United States

A publication released March 2008 on the data collected by the ten members of ION paint a disheartening picture of the extent to which America’s corporations have been welcoming women into their boardrooms and executive suites. To view a snapshot (i.e. graphs, charts, and a detailed description) of the current state of affairs click here. The InterOrganization Network (ION) is a national organization dedicated to the advancement of women to positions of power in the business world, primarily to boards of directors and executive suites of public companies.

Pay Equity Update: The General Accounting Office compiled data from the Current Population Survey regarding the ten industries that employ 71 percent of U.S. women workers and 73 percent of women managers. The pay gap between full-time working women and men managers widened between 1995 and 2000, in seven of the ten industries examined. A full time working woman currently receives only 73 cents to every dollar received by a man.

For each dollar earned by men, women at the same age and education levels earned:

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Wellesley Center for Women: For more than a quarter century, the Wellesley Center for Women has been a driving force behind the scenes and in the spot light promoting positive change for women and girls. It’s the nation’s largest women’s research center. Go to their web site to explore their research, educational opportunities and call to action.

December 2002: Women in Leadership Survey

June 2001: Lyn Turknett is quoted in two articles in the June issue of HR Magazine entitled, “Smoothing the Way.” The featured article cites a number of factors that impede women’s progress to the executive ranks and shows how some companies make the trip easier. And, the second article is: “A Female Executive is Hard to Find.”

December 11, 2000: PRESS RELEASE Research from Turknett Leadership Group shows that female executives underestimate themselves

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