Women’s Consulting Services

Organizational Consulting to Advance Women’s Leadership

Our goal is to ensure that the fast-growing pipeline of talented women in management and leadership roles is appropriately recognized and positioned for success by improving effectiveness. TLG has the ability and desire to help women leaders maximize their unique talents and strengths to benefit the organizations they represent through stand-alone programs for individual leaders as well as customized leadership development programs for the organization at large.

TLG’s staff of psychologists and business leaders has over 25 years of experience in the advancement of women’s leadership in both research and practice, and are available to consult and deliver programs internally for your organization.

Learn more about our Consulting Services to Advance Women’s Leadership:

  • Organizational Consulting to Advance Women’s Leadership: Consulting to help organizations develop, advance and measure the success of the female talent pool. TLG has special expertise in helping organizations establish women’s networks and alliances, and retaining and advancing women leaders. Read More.
  • Assessment and Consulting: TLG’s staff of business psychologists and organizational development consultants utilizes a variety of assessments for the development of women leaders. Read More.
  • Developmental Assessment CentersTLG takes a holistic approach to formal assessment and development through  assessment centers that involve participants completing a range of exercises, such as psychometric testing and interviews, which simulate the activities carried out in the target job. Read More.
  • Mentoring: TLG supports women in developing the skills needed to play the role of both mentee and mentor. TLG helps design formal mentoring programs that match high-potential women with people in high-profile executive roles who can provide access to a number of opportunities. Read More.
  • Action-Learning: TLG designs action learning programs that provide high-potential women with the opportunity to work on real world problems, focusing on learning and the implementation of solutions for the business. This form of learning by doing in small teams guided by a strategic/executive team directly impacts leadership effectiveness
  • High-Potential CoachingThis program is designed to provide a cost effective way to strengthen leadership for an individual contributor, first-level supervisor, or mid-manager in the organization. Read More.
  • Group Coaching: This program is designed to provide a cost effective way to strengthen leadership for a small group of high potentials in the organization, and is aimed at improving leadership skills and building a culture of feedback among peers. Read More.