Women’s Leadership Workshops

Women leaders experience unique barriers to success, and women-specific leadership development programs are often needed to help them overcome these barriers. We’ve designed a series of workshops to help women understand themselves as leaders, overcome barriers to advancement, and align their personal values with their work. The workshops leverage a group mentoring model and result in individualized development plans for each participant.

The workshops are available as either open enrollment or company-specific programs. The workshop series includes the following sessions:

1. Introduction to Women’s Leadership

2. Leading with Confidence, Power, and Integrity

3. Reframing Politics as Influence

Other topics addressed in the workshop include creating a developmental network, aligning personal values and goals with work, and identifying leadership strengths and opportunities for growth.

To help facilitate the creation of a personalized development plan throughout the workshop series, participants complete a Leadership Character Profile© that highlights their strengths and development needs as a leader. The development plan outlines clear, actionable goals for each participant. To facilitate an opportunity to network and build relationships with other women leaders, a Turknett Women in Leadership membership is often included as an added benefit to participants.

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