Michael W. Sessions, Ph.D.

Michael Sessions, PhD

Senior Consultant

Dr. Michael Sessions is a licensed psychologist with extensive coaching and consulting experience. He has coached over 350 senior leaders across more than 50 organizations and has consulted with dozens of leadership teams across a number of industries. Dr. Sessions has particular expertise in training teams and individuals, both private sector and nonprofit, in ways of cultivating trust and constructively harnessing the creativity often embedded in conflicts many organizations seek to avoid. In so doing he helps them build teams and organizations from the ground up. By focusing on sources of motivation inherent to all people, further, Dr. Sessions enables executives with aligning organizations around mission and strategy. Dr. Sessions is also well-known for his ability to help leaders manage and enhance their careers based on their interests, motivations, and strengths.

In addition to his work as a Senior Leadership Consultant with Turknett Leadership Group, Dr. Sessions maintains a private practice focusing primarily on interpersonal, relationship-based, behavioral issues. He is a Past President of the Georgia Psychological Association and a member of the American Psychological Association. He has served as a former adjunct faculty member at the Georgia School of Professional Psychology and as a guest lecturer at Georgia State University.

Dr. Sessions is a frequent speaker on topics related to communication enhancement, change management, and executive derailment. He has conducted numerous workshops on issues related to temperament and personality diversity, particularly as they relate to gender differences, retention, and mentoring. He has also provided facilitation and sales training, in multiple industries.

Dr. Sessions received his B.S. in Biology from Georgia State University. He received his M.S. and Ph.D. in Psychology from Georgia State University.

Areas of Specialization

  • Executive coaching with corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and high potentials
  • Succession planning including development of executive level competency models to drive selection and development
  • Executive team development, working with a leader and all of his/her direct reports
  • Turnaround coaching to prevent derailment of valued managers
  • CEO Consulting
  • 360 assessment and feedback
  • Management assessment for selection
  • Interventions for the constructive use of conflict
  • Strategic and operational planning
  • Consulting with leaders in mergers and acquisitions situations
  • Transitioning entrepreneurial startups to professional organizations

Representative consulting engagements

  • Public Power Utility – Led board directed CEO succession planning project, including executive level competency modeling as well as coaching with the CEO and senior executive team
  • Natural Gas Utility – Conducted leadership team development project, helping multiple leadership teams learn to leverage different perspectives, use conflict constructively, and facilitate innovation and problem solving through both senior leader coaching as well as team building exercises
  • Global Insurance Firm – Organization restructuring followed by team alignment and conflict resolution
  • Pharmaceutical Executive and Physician – Worked with highly valued executive to help with relationship building across the organization and to increase leadership effectiveness
  • Fortune 50 Consumer Products Executive – Coached valued but derailing executive who had been promoted into a position for which he was unprepared, accelerated his development to ensure his chances of success; resulted in increased effectiveness and expanded responsibilities
  • Mid-sized Mobile Software Company – Conducted management assessment of senior team members at the direction of the president to assist in organizational restructure; resulted in critical job reassignments, recognition of untapped potential, and positioning for sale
  • Private Wood Products Company – Provided individual coaching and team development with CEO and senior team; prepared junior executives for expanded responsibilities
  • Research Unit of Fortune 50 Telecom – Provided individual coaching to prepare senior technical professionals for leadership roles
  • National Non Profit – Executive coaching with senior executives, including advanced leadership levels approach
  • Retail Grocery Company – Coached numerous high potential mid- to senior- level operations managers for increased effectiveness in positions of increased responsibility

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