As an Organization Founded on Integrity – Results Matter.

We are proud of the impact we have had on people, teams, and companies. Rather than toot our own horn we invite you to review the case studies and testimonials offered with enthusiasm from clients large and small, representing every industry and hailing from all parts of the United States.

We have a much more stable workforce. We have almost zero turnover. We have a next generation coming up in the wings that aren’t quite ready to take over the company, but we’ve provided leadership training for seven key individuals to actually be a bridge in to the next chapter for our succession planning.

David Ankenbrandt, Osprey Corporation

Understand that you want to invest in your employees, it’s not going to be a loss. It’s something that’s very good for the employee professionally and personal. Pursue the employee’s career aspiration, what those things are, and support it to enhance what they need to do and to be successful in their career.

Glendale Jones, Georgia Environmental Finance Authority

I would strongly recommend Turknett because of the richness of their coaching staff. They have all different types of backgrounds, all different types of educational requirements, very smart cookies on that team, and they really are able to solve a myriad of problems that a company might face. So, I encourage someone to definitely build that relationship with Turknett like I have, and you will very much be rewarded with future success.

Jane Elliot,  Verint

What I’d say to someone that’s interested in coaching is… do it. The fact that you are voicing you’re interested, you are already half way there. Doing this, your return on investment is going to be tenfold.

Mandie DeVore, Georgia Environmental Finance Authority

The ability to communicate with each other is so much different now than it was prior to because you can understand people’s personality traits better and understand how to get to a resolution better during a conflict time.

Scott Deviney, Chicken Salad Chick

Once you become a a part of Turknett, it really feels like your family in that it’s not a single engagement, is is a continues engagement and a friendship that continues to expand over time. Your return on investment will cotininue to pay you, it is worth every single cent not just because of the change you will see in your business and profit margin, but the changes you will see in people as a whole.

Tiffiney Ward, Human Resources Director | Georgia Student finance Commission