Executive and Leadership Coaching is Our Expertise

TLG offers a number of comprehensive and individualized executive and leadership coaching programs that help improve performance and leadership behaviors, enhance an individual’s career, prevent derailment, and help work through organizational issues or change initiatives.

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Executive Coaching

TLG’s premier leadership development solution is the Executive Development Program (EDP). EDP is a one-on-one, confidential executive coaching program that strengthens an executive’s ability to lead and manage in fast-growth environments. Join the thousands of executives who have reached their next level through the EDP.

Coaching for Personal Change

Coaching for Personal Change (CPC) is built for leaders and high-potential employees who are encountering interpersonal, behavioral, cultural, or skill issues that are hindering their professional effectiveness, on-the-job performance, or career opportunities.

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360+3 Coaching

360 Plus 3 Coaching

Our 360 Plus 3 Coaching Program is a highly accessible and affordable way to increase leadership effectiveness at scale, providing individuals and teams with a holistic approach to authentic development that leads to positive behavioral changes and lasting impact. It is especially ideal for mid-level managers & leaders, as well as senior-level leaders, such as senior directors and vice presidents. 

Group Coaching

Our group coaching program is the perfect way to grow teams and like-minded individuals within the company. We leverage proven assessment tools, feedback, and coaching sessions to foster behavioral change and the development of leadership competencies within participants. This program can be delivered in-person, virtually, or in a hybrid format.

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Leadership Coaching... Just Do It!

“I am one that always wants to do better and I went and talked with our HR – I told her exactly what I was looking for, and she said,  ‘I know what you need to do,’ and so she signed me up for my coaching and it was amazing! What I would say to someone interested in coaching is do it! The fact that you are voicing your interest means you are already half-way there. Your return on investment is going to be ten-fold.”

Mandie DeVore
Public Relations Manager
Georgia Environmental Finance Authority

Want to Learn More?

We can work side-by-side with you to build a customized coaching solution to meet your needs.