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You’ve come to the right place! We’re here to help you identify your specific leadership obstacles. Explore some the most common challenges leaders and organizations face today.


Leadership Development

Without a healthy leadership pipeline, your company’s future is at risk. TLG features a myriad of leadership development solutions that can help you develop leaders at all levels of the organization.

developing executives

Developing Executives

TLG offers several executive coaching and development programs that address the unique challenges that executives face. Our programs include assessments, feedback, and personalized development.

high potential development

High-Potential Growth

Our high-potential development programs are specifically tailored for individuals being prepared for their next role and are built on feedback, support, and challenge that effectively develop leadership competencies.

organizational culture

Organizational Culture

Before you become who you want to be, you have to know who you are. We recognize that an investment in your culture is an investment in your people. TLG offers solutions that help organizations measure and develop their culture, establishing trust, purpose, and alignment between a company’s culture and strategy.

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Team Dysfunction

Dysfunctional teams can have major consequences, fostering unhealthy conflict that loses sight of performance and results. Our team development solutions heavily focus on teamwork, collaboration, and alignment. We also add emphasis on defining purpose and values that support building organizational culture.

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Across industries, all organizations face the challenge of retaining their best and brightest talent. Our leadership development solutions can be a strong tool in you talent management strategy. Leadership development is a proven method for increasing talent retention rates.

workplace conflict

Managing Conflict

Unhealthy conflict can derail individuals and entire teams from reaching their goals. Our conflict management workshop is the perfect solution to help your employees or teams learn how to foster successful confrontations, resolutions, and relationships.

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Blind spots

Blindspots can often keep leaders from reaching their full potential, sometimes even threatening to derail their career. Our coaching solutions can help your leaders tackle their blind spots and turn them into strengths.


Managing Change

Leaders today must navigate continuous disruption, from digital transformations to economic uncertainty. We’re in the business of making change leaders, giving your employees to the tools and skills they need to fight change fatigue and make clear decisions that achieve goals.


Preparation for Advancement

TLG offers tailored programs that can help you identify and advance emerging leaders. Our experts work side-by-side with you and your team to ensure your people are prepared for their next role.

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Women in Leadership

Our goal in developing female talent is to help you increase your pipeline of strong women in management and leadership roles. See how we’re bringing more women to the leadership table.

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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Collaborating with internal leaders and advocates, we can take you through an analytical assessment of the current state and help you build a roadmap to a more inclusive and equitable future.


Communication Skills

Our experts can help you and your team gain a better appreciation and understanding for the uniqueness of their personal communication styles and how it impacts team effectiveness.

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Emotional Intelligence

Great leaders have a keen ability to master their emotions. We provide the practical tools that allow individuals the ability to manage their emotions, so they are aligned with their goals and values.

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Succession Planning

Our objective, reliable process links succession planning with your long-term strategic plan. Maximize human capital by assessing and developing high-potential talent for future leadership needs.

Adding TLG to Your Toolkit

“I would strongly recommend Turknett because of the richness of their coaching staff. They have all different types of backgrounds and educational requirements – really smart cookies on that team. They are able to solve a myriad of problems that a company might be facing. So, I encourage somebody to build that relationship with Turknett like I have, and you’ll be very much rewarded with future success.”

Jane Elliot
Chief Human Resources Officer
NCR Voyix

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