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Unshackle the Intelligence of Your Organization

Intelligence Unshackled, Episode 1 

by Josh Turknett, MD

About the Intelligence Unshackled Podcast

Having spent my adult life immersed in field of Behavioral Neurology and Cognitive Neuroscience, I know there is incredible potential to develop human intelligence through the thoughtful application of the knowledge we’ve acquired in these fields.

Presently, that knowledge is largely locked away inside the pages of research journals or in the halls of neuroscience texts.

The mission of Intelligence Unshackled, and the partnership between Turknett Leadership Group and Brainjo, is to connect that knowledge from the labs and halls of academia to the home and workplace, to learn the many ways we can improve the health and function of the brain, unlock the incredible potential inside all of us, and create lives of lasting fulfillment and well being.

Realizing that vision will require transforming the places we work in fundamental ways, but there so much to be gained from doing so.

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Intelligence Unshackled

Hosted by Dr. Josh Turknett with recurring guest host Dr. Tommy Wood of Nourish Balance Thrive, the Intelligence Unshackled Podcast explores the potential of human intelligence, and how to release it through the enhancement, protection, and optimization of brain health and function.