Our Approach

Mission & Values

Vision: Spreading Leadership Character around the world, creating leaders everywhere who live and lead with integrity, respect, and responsibility.

Mission: Developing leaders of character who forge cultures of inclusiveness, respect, trust, and accountability.

Values: Our Leadership Character Model™ forms the foundation for how we touch our clients, employees, families, stakeholders, and the world beyond.  Integrity, and a balance of Respect and Responsibility, form the cornerstone of all we do.

Our Approach


Bob and Lyn Turknett formed the TLG over thirty years ago. They have led by example while building the organization’s culture and services around the principles set forth in their Leadership Character Model™. The firm’s team has remained ahead of the curve with respect to incorporating the latest proven methods and services into their practice. Leadership has methodically built a team of coaches and consultants who bring a depth and breadth of experience to our clients by combining their expertise in behavioral science with practical business solutions.

Business & Psychology

Psychological, organizational, and business dynamics collectively influence teams. TLG understands the why and how of team dynamics. While general management consultants generally do not understand individual and organizational dynamics, and psychologists generally do not understand business dynamics, we recognize both and integrate these factors into our work with every client.


We are passionately committed to foster positive outcomes for every person, team, and organization we serve. Often individuals tell us that we have changed their lives and companies have credited TLG as an essential ingredient that led to their success. Thousands of people have been impacted by TLG coaches, consultants, and programs. We have coached some of the top CEOs in the world and those aspiring to take their talents to the next level. Our clients represent companies in all industries and of all sizes. Many PhD Psychologists are represented on the TLG team. All of our coaches and consultants have over 20 years of experiences. They have come to us from varied backgrounds, ranging from industrial and organization psychology, to organizational development, and senior executive management. Collectively, we can customize our services to meet any client need.

Character-Based Development

The TLG’s Leadership Character Model™ is a set of principles that guide our work. Our experience has proven that strong leadership character is the critical foundation for high performance in individuals, teams, and companies.

The Leadership Character Model