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ChiefSpace Boardroom:

Group Coaching Mastermind for Chiefs of Staff

Composed of both group coaching and 1:1 coaching sessions, ChiefSpace Boardroom arms Chiefs of Staff with the personalized support they need to become top performers in their role, in service of you and the company mission.

Amplify the Impact of your Chief of Staff

Turknett Leadership Group and Laurie Arron, Executive Coach, have teamed up to introduce ChiefSpace®  Boardroom, a group coaching mastermind program for Chiefs of Staff that accelerates their growth and amplifies their performance in service of you and your company mission. This program will amplify the impact of your Chief of Staff in the areas of:

  • Critical Decision Making

  • Mastering Time Management

  • Driving Alignment & Influence

  • Leveraging Imposter Syndrome

  • Effective Problem-Solving

  • Improved Executive Presence

The Executive Life Can be Overwhelming

  • Limited Strategic Time: Competing demands and deadlines interfere with the time you need to spend focusing on your top priorities and driving the company’s strategic vision forward.
  • Missing a Thought Partner: You find yourself navigating complex decisions in isolation, grappling with the absence of a strong thought partner to provide critical insights and challenge your perspectives.
  • Lacking Team Alignment: The absence of alignment among your team members hinders cohesive collaboration and creates a potential barrier to achieving collective organizational success.
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Why ChiefSpace Boardroom

Benefits for Leaders:

Enhance Decision-Making Support

Leaders will make quicker, more informed decisions with strategic support from an elevated Chief of Staff.

Alignment with Organizational Objectives

Achieve solid alignment around your organizational goals, with your Chief of Staff driving unified efforts towards the vision.

Time Management and Priority Focus

Reclaim your time back to focus on top priorities, as your Chief of Staff efficiently handles operational and strategic tasks.

Benefits for Chiefs:

Targeted Professional Development

Gain advanced skills for higher impact and effectiveness.

Exclusive Networking Opportunities

Access a unique network of esteemed Chiefs of Staff across industries for collaboration and innovation.

Ongoing Resource Access

Enjoy continuous access to top-tier resources for sustained professional growth.

What Others are Saying About ChiefSpace

Working with Laurie was a total game changer for me as a Chief of Staff. With her support and coaching, I was able to hit the ground running and drive high impact for my CEO and the company, which has resulted in strong performance across our leadership team and a more engaged culture.

–V. Zelner, Former Chief of Staff to CEO – ThreadStudio

The ChiefSpace program was the best investment I could have ever made in my career. The program goes far beyond what you need to be successful in the role and goes into how to be a successful leader and drive change in all areas of the business.

–Becky Payne, Chief of Staff – Sage Software

Thanks to Laurie’s expertise in optimizing the CEO-Chief of Staff relationship, we drove high impact throughout our organization. She crystallizes these vital leadership strategies that strengthened relationships and alignment throughout our team and amplified our team’s performance.

–RC Buford, CEO, Spurs Sports & Entertainment

ChiefSpace Boardroom Framework


  • Application window: February 15 – March 15, 2024
  • Annual membership: April 2024 – March 2025


  • Monthly: $2,200
  • Annual: $25,000 (discount if paid upfront)
  • Early Bird Pricing Available

Program Includes:

  • Monthly Group Coaching Sessions

  • Personal and professional growth strategies

  • Advice and tools to navigate workplace challenges

  • Interactive activities to develop skills and expertise

  • Small group discussions for deeper engagement

  • Curated reading material for continuous learning

  • Guest Speakers to share best practices

  • Quarterly stakeholder alignment

Bonus: Biannual in-person retreats for deep learning, application, and networking.

Meet Laurie Arron

I’m excited to present ChiefSpace Boardroom, my exclusive group coaching mastermind program, tailored for select Chiefs of Staff. As an executive coach to C-Suite leaders and Chiefs of Staff and the best-selling author of Who Has Your Back, A Leaders Guide to Getting The Support You Need By The Chief of Staff You Deserve I’ve designed this program to amplify your leadership through your Chief of Staff’s empowered performance.

Laurie Arron

Enrollment for ChiefSpace is open, and seats are extremely limited!

You can apply now thru March 15th, with exclusive early bird pricing available if you sign up before March 1st!

Need a Little More Info?

If you have questions and would like to schedule a time with Laurie to discuss ChiefSpace Boardroom: