Create Your Best Life

Women leaders make work better.

Studies have shown that organizations who empower women to lead outperform their competitors and are more profitable. When women lead, everybody wins. Enter Create Your Best Life (CYBL), the coaching program built to help your organization build a healthy pipeline of women leaders who excel at work and at home. 


Experience Growth Personally and Professionally

CYBL, created and led by professional success coach Christine Roberts, is designed to help women live intentionally and on purpose. Whether it’s women in senior leadership roles who want to get ahead of the game, or younger women aspiring to those roles – CYBL empowers women everywhere to get unstuck and live the life they only could have imagined.

Without the right balance, life can be overwhelming

  • Women in the workplace who struggle to balance their personal and professional lives feel as though they just can’t keep up, leading to higher levels of stress and fatigue.
  • Many women feel “stuck” in their role, lacking overall direction and purpose that results in higher levels of turnover.
  • A lack of development opportunities for women can lead to higher levels of dissatisfaction and engagement.

Women Who Go Through CYBL Will:

  • Identify their purpose.
  • Gain clarity and intention to understand where they want to go and why.
  • Diminish negative plaguing thoughts via the GROW methodology.
  • Enrich relationships, when you improve yourself, your relationship with others improves.
  • Form and join a community of like-minded women who support each other’s growth.
  • Gain lifetime access to a library of inspirational resources and tools.
  • Improve their productivity at home and at work.
  • Unlocking the life they had always dreamed of.

The Schedule:

Weeks 1 – 2:


Welcome and introduction, sharing the details of the program and what to expect. We’ll “walk” through the actions and mindset to achieve the most impactful results possible. Christine will introduce a quick and easy framework to raise awareness about what is going well and where you need to improve then provides a clear direction for you as you move forward in this coaching program.

What you’ll get:

  • 3-part mini-series coaching program to benchmark various aspects of life, identify what’s going well and where to improve.
  • Provides Simple activities to develop a mindset shift utilizing the G.R.O.W method
  • Provides tools to build out an actionable vision & goals roadmap to set the foundation for this program.

Weeks 3 – 5:


 Knowing what you want and being clear are the two foundations of creating your best life. Even if your intention is simple, it still creates your world. Identify thought patterns and false beliefs. Create a roadmap to get clear and know what you want.

You will learn to:

  • Diminish negative plaguing thoughts.
  • Gain clarity and intention on where you want to go and why.
  • Gain greater insight into your purpose and what is keeping you stuck.

Weeks 5 – 7:


To move forward, we need to go through a process of elimination. You will implement tools to uncover obstacles that are holding you back from your goals. Your job is to begin to let go of anything that no longer serves you or that drains your energy to achieve your next level of results.

You will learn to:

  • Identify the obstacles holding you back and set up a strategy to overcome them.
  • When you only focus on what you want, opportunities will arrive, and evidence will show up to validate.
  • Evaluate your mental energy and determine what drains you, which will allow you to improve productivity at work and at home.

Weeks 7 – 9:


You will learn to: Energy flows where attention goes, you will determine and implement your CYBL Ultimate Life Plan, setting up systems and processes that will now be a part of you and your life. You will experience a paradigm shift on how you see your future and elevate all areas now and going forward.

  • Gain confidence with new perspective and your most valuable relationships improve.
  • You will use your RAS-reticular activation system to notice and get in the habit of raising your joy and fulfillment.
  • Create a filter using your values and priorities to determine how to best use your time, and gain bandwidth and peace to be your best for those you influence.

Weeks 10 – 12:

Business Essentials

The business essentials components will provide the foundational tools to improve your career and professional life while also supplying tools to continue improving your life at home. You will gain essential skills and resources in time management, conflict management, communication, and more.

Christine M. Roberts: More Than a Leadership Coach

Christine is a Success Coach who partners with ambitious women to do less, be more, and create your best life using her signature GROW Method. With neuroscience-based practices, Christine guides women to design their most purposeful and fulfilling life both personally and professionally.

Christine guides high-achieving women to get unstuck and unlock their potential in all areas of their lives through coaching, guided online courses, and speaking opportunities. Christine’s corporate experiences at Disney Institute, The John Maxwell Company, and balancing motherhood, have inspired her personal growth and leadership.

Her clients say that they improve their perspective, productivity, and joy both at work and home, after using Christine’s strategies!

Christine M. Roberts
GROW Method

The GROW Method

The overarching framework for the CYBL program, the GROW method combines positive psychology and neuroscience techniques with simple concepts for fast results to prioritize what’s most important to make confident decisions so you can move your life and career in a positive direction within 30 days without sacrificing time.

What People are Saying about CYBL

After many years as a professional, working mom, I was at a crossroads in my life and trying to define my goals and purpose for the next phase. Christine’s coaching program helped me redefine how I think about the future and I am now well on my way to creating a life filled with joy and meaning.

– Rebecca A.

I found a majority of my days to be unorganized, and chaotic. I was in a constant reactive state, feeling out of control and incapable of directing my life. Christine Roberts challenged me to remove mental barriers, organize my time, and find creative solutions to everyday obstacles. Today, I am ahead of the game, with an abundance of confidence and positivity. I am forever grateful for Christine’s help.

– Elizabeth P.

About Our Partnership

Turknett Leadership Group has been at the forefront of developing women leaders for over two decades. We believe strongly that organizations who empower women to lead not only perform better, but outperform their competitors. That’s not just our opinion, it’s backed by data. We’ve partnered with Christine because we understand the work she is doing through CYBL is vital to moving the needle and helping women to become more represented in the workforce, particularly in the highest levels of leadership.

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