ChiefSpace™ Supports Today’s Leaders By Developing Chiefs of Staff


ATLANTA, GA, – Turknett Leadership Group (TLG), a top leadership development firm based in Atlanta, Georgia has partnered with Laurie Arron of Arron Coaching to launch the second cohort for ChiefSpace, a hybrid mastermind and group coaching program designed specifically for Chiefs of Staff. Through this program, Chiefs of Staff have the opportunity to work with Laurie and other Chiefs of Staff to grow and reach their peak performance in the role, allowing them to best serve their leader and the company mission. The program kicks off on Tuesday, January 24th, 2023.


We are thrilled to be partnering once again with Laurie to offer ChiefSpace. This program is a game-changer for Chiefs looking to drive high impact. Laurie brings 30+ years of experience as a seasoned executive and Chief of Staff to senior leaders at a Fortune 10 company. She is bringing her wisdom to the forefront so that other Chiefs can benefit from her experience. We are also proud that the home base for this program will be in Atlanta,” said Tino Mantella, President & CEO of TLG.


Unprecedented Change

The relationship between a C-Suite leader and their Chief of Staff is critical. During these times of change and uncertainty around The Great Resignation, many senior leaders are facing higher turnover, rapid change, and disengagement. Gallup research recently revealed that 48% of the American workforce is actively searching or watching for opportunities. All of this has destabilized senior leaders, whose decisions impact the entire company. When a leader is supported by a high performing Chief of Staff, they feel confident, challenged, focused and on track. A highly effective Chief of Staff drives impact beyond the leader they support, they can also drive alignment across the organization and amplify the performance of the entire leadership team. Having a Chief who is operating at the top of their game gives a leader back hours in their day to work on what matters most – moving the company’s mission forward.


The Chief of Staff is an integral part of the CSuite team,” said Laurie. “They provide important insights and support to their leader as decisions are made that impact every aspect within an organization.”


Taking Action

Laurie has the rare gift of understanding both what senior leaders want and need in their Chief of Staff, while also knowing how to navigate them through change and uncertainty. As an executive coach, she understands that every leader’s needs are different which drives her passion for helping their Chiefs of Staff tap into their fullest potential so they can serve their leader powerfully.


“It’s been an honor and privilege to serve as Chief of Staff to many leaders in my career. I’m excited to partner with the Turknett Leadership Group to launch ChiefSpace and help other Chiefs of Staff reach their fullest expression of leadership in the role.” – Laurie Arron


Turknett Leadership Group

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Arron Coaching

Laurie Arron is a trusted advisor and executive coach to senior leaders and Chiefs of Staff. Laurie has 30+ years of experience as an executive and seasoned Chief of Staff at a Fortune 10 company. Laurie helps her clients tap into their fullest expression as leaders, both for themselves and the powerful impact they want to have in the world. To learn more about Laurie and Arron Coaching, please visit