Quick Thoughts on Healthy Resilience

Bob TurknettBy Robert (Bob) Turknett

TLG Co-founder & Co-chair Want to become more resilient during these unprecedented times? Then give up stubbornness! Being stubborn means clinging to my way of thinking to a fault. During these times, one of the best antidotes that we have to successfully weather this coronavirus crisis is the giving and receiving of Emotional Support! Why? Because it creates a deep level of connectedness that provides a salve to our coping abilities. As a result, we become more resilient! Stubbornness, though, is a gatekeeper, preventing the giving and receiving of emotional support. It creates spats and arguments that cause “hard feelings” with each other. So, give up stubbornness! It merely requires looking at the bigger picture, recognizing that a higher goal is needed, and reframing our thoughts that lead to stubbornness. It’s a simple idea that makes good sense – and, admittedly, not easy to do! But well worth the effort! And learn to YIELD. Yielding can be and often is an assertive act! Giving up stubbornness requires being able to yield. It takes empathy, humility, and a willingness to be vulnerable to yield. It takes confidence, courage, and an understanding of the bigger picture to yield. It is no easy feat, but it is what the very best leaders have learned to do. Listening is often touted as the best tool in business, but the least used. Similarly, the flexibility and knowledge of how and when to yield is another “best tool,” not only for business, but for all relationships. Also, showing the vulnerability required to yield provides an excellent role model for all of us. And showing vulnerability is NOT showing weakness; rather, it is leading with both strength and resilience!   Bob Turknett, Ph.D. TLG Co-founder and Co-chair bturknett@turknett.com Phone: 770-270-1723 Learn more about Bob on our website!