HR – The Team Builders

You are the People Team Builders

Whether a one-person shop or managing a massive enterprise team there is an expectation that HR has accountability to recruit, develop, retain, and facilitate a highly talented and motivated workforce. Your roadmap to excellence starts with your people and TLG wants to be your guide.

The benefits extend well beyond the Executive Management, carrying over to the team and across the organization.

  • Individual Benefits With the array of services offered by TLG, based on neuroscience principles, and the Leadership Character Model™ you can be assured of a product to fit any requests that come your way to establish yourself as an innovative problem-solver and people-builder.
  • Team Benefits Whether you are asked to assist with new teams from mergers, new organizational structures, loss of veteran team members due to retirement, first-time leader assimilations, preparing high achievers with their next advancement, or transition new leaders to a team or organization, TLG has a depth of services, expertise, experienced coaches, and proven track record to strengthen any team.
  • Organization-wide Benefits  Your role in overseeing organization-wide processes or initiatives involving diversity, equity, inclusion, culture, employee engagement, talent management and development is crucial to the overall health of the business. You can depend on TLG to be your trusted partner to help your organization realize their vision, mission, and values.

The Services We Offer

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Browse through our face-to-face and in-person offerings and discover opportunities to facilitate individual, team, or organizational development.