Women in Leadership

Helping Women Return to the Workforce

The data around women in the workplace is converging to paint a picture of lost momentum due to the pandemic. More than 3 million U.S. women made the decision to leave the workforce this past year.  Most have left for family reasons – online learning schooling, closed day care facilities, elder parent care, and other similar challenges.  This is especially concerning because we no longer have as much critical female talent in the pipeline for advancement.  Research shows that most women returning from a career break find it very challenging to reenter the workforce. Not being taken as seriously as their male counterparts, overcoming the stigma of a gap in their resume, and finding affordable childcare are just a few gender-specific adversities.  Organizations focused on re-building their teams as we emerge from staffing scourge of Covid-19, are having to be creative to attract the return of women to the workplace.

TLG’s Women in Leadership (WIL) is a program designed to spotlight women of achievement. We provide a platform for advice seekers to hear from female leaders of achievement and create advancement opportunities through programs designed to promote networking and learning. Whether a student, manager, senior executive, or entrepreneur we have prepared a seat for you at our table.

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