Making Development Personal in a Tech-driven World

Tino MantellaBy Tino Mantella

TLG President & CEO

Prior to the pandemic, leadership development was always very personal. Most of our services were done in-person, and almost every client came to our Atlanta office. When Covid-19 hit, we had to quickly pivot. All of our services, including coaching, had gone virtual.

As the pandemic has wined down, we are beginning to see a return to in-person development. Although coaching remains almost entirely virtual, we are facilitating many workshops and retreats. Even Women in Leadership has taken on a hybrid model, with some meetings in-person and others virtual.

At TLG, we strongly value personal interactions. That’s why we aim to add a personal touch to each service, virtual or in-person. In every engagement, we walk alongside our client and provide support that makes a difference. A client portal, check-in calls, and assessments are just a few of the ways we show up for our clients. TLG was built on personal development, so we will never walk away from our values or belief that leadership development is personal.

In fact, that’s why we’ve built that personal touch into our newest program: Foundations of Leadership Character. This 100% online learning program is making leadership development more accessible than ever before. Now anyone who is aspiring to leadership can begin their journey towards becoming the leader they’ve always wanted to be.

While each participant owns their own journey, they are not alone. They will be part of a network of peers during the program, helping each other grow and advance. They’ll also team up with an accountability partner, working together to complete the program.

Here’s what just a few of our participants are saying:

“This program was an eye-opener for me. It allowed me to honestly access my progress and status as a leader.”

“This course and its activities have been extremely helpful to me in pin-pointing my potential strengths in leadership as well as my opportunities for growth.”

So, we continue to strive to provide a personal approach to every client we touch while utilizing technology to support our quest. As we know, technology is not good or bad – it’s a tool.

If you’d like to learn more about the Foundations of Leadership Character program, please contact us.



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