Strategic Partner Spotlight: Laurie Arron, PCC

Turknett Leadership Group (TLG) has developed a number of strategic partnerships allowing us to better serve our clients while providing new and innovative leadership development programs. Recently, TLG teamed up with Laurie Arron, Executive Coach and owner of Arron Coaching, to launch ChiefSpace™, a hybrid group coaching and mastermind program designed specifically for Chiefs of Staff. We are excited for our new partnership with Laurie and the difference we can make together in the lives of others.


From Corporate Success to Entrepreneurship

Laurie spent over 27 years climbing the corporate ladder at a Fortune 10 company where she gained multi-dimensional experience in leadership, strategic planning, and business transformation. Following years of sales and sales leadership, Laurie had the honor of becoming the Chief of Staff to senior executives. Today, Laurie serves as a trusted advisor and executive coach to C-Suite leaders and Chiefs of Staff, giving back the knowledge and wisdom she’s gained.

I became an executive coach because I want to help others reach their fullest expression as leaders,” said Laurie. “I have always been passionate about coaching and helping others reach their potential so now I dedicate my time to serving others in this capacity.”

Laurie recognizes the vital role that coaching and supporting leaders play in the modern workplace. In today’s world, businesses are having to constantly adapt to new technologies, global competition, and rapidly evolving customer needs. As an Executive Coach, Laurie aims to provide the tools and support leaders need to thrive in this environment. “My ultimate goal is to help leaders build successful, sustainable businesses that make a positive impact on the world.” Whether her clients are seeking a promotion, a raise, or simply looking to improve their overall performance, she provides the guidance and support they need.


Arron Coaching Teams up with TLG

In order to help launch her unique ChiefSpace program, Laurie was looking for some support. She saw that TLG shared her goal of impacting the lives of others. Knowing that TLG was the right fit, she reached out to Tino Mantella, President & CEO, with a proposition – a strategic partnership.

The support and guidance that TLG has provided has been invaluable, and I am confident that this partnership will continue to grow and be a great success,” said Laurie. I am looking forward to continuing to work together to help more people achieve their career goals.

Laurie continues to pursue her passion through this partnership, as well as by helping her own clients navigate the difficult challenges that they face daily. Laurie left us with one of her favorite quotes:


Daring leadership is not about taking risks; it’s about stepping up and facing the challenges that we know are going to be there when we show up each day.” – Brene Brown