TLG Partner Spotlight – Christine M. Roberts, MBA

Partner Spotlight: Christine M. Roberts
By Jonathan Palombo
Marketing Manager

Christine M. Roberts is a Success Coach, author, speaker, and the CEO & Founder of Create Your Best Life. Christine partners with ambitious women to do less, be more, and create your best life using her signature GROW Method. With neuroscience-based practices, Christine guides women to design their most purposeful and fulfilling life both personally and professionally. Christine and TLG have formed a strategic partnership to amplify women in the workplace through Christine’s signature Create Your Best Life coaching program. In this spotlight, we highlight Christine’s practice and how she is helping women get unstuck and unlocking their full potential.


Q: Where did you develop your passion for helping women grow and succeed both personally and professionally? What drove you to become a Success Coach?

A: With over 25 years of experience as a corporate businesswoman, a dedicated wife, mother, author, speaker, and active volunteer, I, like many accomplished women, reached a point of burnout some years ago. It was during this challenging period that I recognized the need for significant changes in my life to foster a more fulfilling and purposeful existence, not just for myself but also as a model for my children.

This realization ignited a personal mission to empower other professional women who, like me, felt the weight of trying to balance numerous responsibilities between work and home. My goal is to guide them in navigating the challenges, helping them prioritize their core values, and make choices that lead to both personal and professional fulfillment.

Through my journey and experiences, I have come to understand the complexities of the modern woman’s life, and I am committed to sharing insights, strategies, and support to help fellow achiever women regain control, find balance, and rediscover joy in their personal and professional pursuits.


Q: Tell us about your GROW method and how you developed it. How does it help women realize their full potential?

A: The G.R.O.W. method does not merely serve as the overarching methodology within the Create Your Best Life coaching program; rather, it is grounded in the principles of Positive Psychology and Neuroscience. Conceived by my team and me, this method stands as a foundational framework, encapsulating:

  • G: Gratitude – Cultivating intentional thoughts.
  • R: Reflect and Create – Drawing insights from our past to shape our future.
  • O: Optimize – Maximizing our time, leveraging our gifts and strengths.
  • W: Wealth – Attaining personal and professional abundance through the application of G.R.O.W.

This deliberate framework empowers leaders to navigate their lives with a strategic lens. By assessing their current position, reflecting on their journey, and envisioning their desired future, women can embark on a path of intentional living and fulfillment. The G.R.O.W. method serves as a catalyst for this transformative process, leading individuals toward a life rich in purpose and abundance, both personally and professionally.


Q: Has positive psychology impacted the way you coach and help your clients? What examples of positive psychology have you seen benefit your clients and the organizations they serve?

A: Positive psychology has been a transformative force in my coaching practice, bringing about profound benefits for my clients.

To clarify, positive psychology is a scientific approach that delves into the study of human thoughts, feelings, and behavior. It uniquely emphasizes strengths over weaknesses, endeavors to build upon the positive aspects of life rather than repairing the negative and aspires to elevate the lives of ordinary individuals to greatness, rather than solely focusing on bringing those who are struggling to a state of normalcy (Peterson, 2008).

Within the framework of the Create Your Best Life (CYBL) coaching program, positive psychology is leveraged in various ways. One significant application involves the analysis of different life categories, where clients identify both the areas that are thriving and those they wish to enhance.

Additionally, we engage in exercises that prompt a shift in perspective – transitioning from viewing tasks as obligations to appreciating them as opportunities. These exercises often lead to “aha” moments for my clients, fostering a profound sense of empowerment.

Through the lens of positive psychology, the CYBL program becomes a catalyst for personal growth and empowerment, guiding individuals not just toward improvement but toward a life that is truly exceptional both personally and professionally.


Q: What practical strategies or tips can you provide women today who are struggling to maintain a positive mindset in today’s increasingly negative world?

A: The crux of our experience revolves around our thought life; what we think influences how we feel, which, in turn, guides our actions, ultimately shaping the outcomes in our lives. Our thoughts are a product of what we consciously “feed” our minds and spirits. Implementing practical strategies to uphold a positive mindset is integral.

This involves engaging with uplifting content through books, podcasts, and music, carving out moments for nature, whether through a leisurely walk or invigorating run, embracing quiet time, maintaining a gratitude journal, and intentionally surrounding ourselves with positive people and conversations.

By conscientiously curating our mental and spiritual diet, we actively contribute to fostering a positive and enriching mindset that lays the foundation for a more fulfilling and successful life. 


Q: Despite some progress, women are still vastly underrepresented in leadership among companies. What advice would you have to organizations who are really interested in moving the needle?

A: Some things I would recommend for organizations committed to elevating female leaders are:

  • Invest in leadership development programs specifically designed for women. Provide opportunities for skill-building, networking, and exposure to leadership roles.
  • Implement flexible work policies that support work-life balance. This can include flexible hours, remote work options, and family-friendly policies that benefit both men and women.
  • Establish mentorship and sponsorship programs to support the professional development of women within the organization. Pairing aspiring female leaders with experienced mentors can provide valuable guidance.
  • Regularly review and address any gender pay gaps within the organization. Ensure that compensation is fair and based on skills and contributions rather than gender.
  • Be transparent about promotion criteria and processes. Communicate the expectations for career advancement and ensure that these processes are fair and unbiased.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your company, Create Your Best Life – what do you hope to achieve through it?

A: Functionally, Create Your Best Life (CYBL) is a Professional Training and Coaching Company that partners with high-achiever leaders and organizations providing speaking/facilitation/workshops, coaching programs, as well as group and 1:1 coaching on the topics of leadership, emotional intelligence, team building, and company culture.

Create Your Best Life (CYBL) was started as a vehicle to empower other professional women to navigate the intricate balance of work and home responsibilities. My commitment is unwavering – to share insights, strategies, and unwavering support to help fellow achiever women regain control, strike a harmonious balance, and rediscover joy in both their personal and professional journeys. The mission is to partner on a journey toward a life that is not only successful but deeply meaningful and fulfilling so that “at the end of the day” there are no regrets.

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