Women In Leadership History

When asked about the beginnings of the Women in Leadership (WIL) program, Susan B. Hitchcock, Founder and Host Emerita of Women in Leadership, recalled the early years of Turknett Leadership Group when she was the VP of Client Relations. “We had a small group of female coaching clients who asked us to put together a forum just for them. They wanted Turknett to facilitate a forum in which they could discuss specific career and leadership challenges they were dealing with as women in the workplace – quite often, in male-dominated organizations. The first meetings took place in Turknett’s conference room with an invited leader to speak and attended by seven or eight TLG Executive Development clients, all high potential women.” That small group has now grown to monthly meetings with stellar speakers who address a group of 50-70 women at a breakfast seminar series at the Commerce Club. The audience is a blend of seasoned executives and entrepreneurs, mid-career managers and professionals of all types, as well as early-career women along with a few college students and interns making future connections.  

Women in Leadership Highlights: One Thing

January 2021 – Tisha Tillman February 2021 – Njeri Nginyo  

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