TLG Welcomes Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum to Barrier Busters: Women of Character Podcast

Dr. Beverly Daniel TatumTurknett Leadership Group (TLG) welcomes Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum, President Emerita of Spelman College, award-winning educational leader, best-selling author, and noted expert on the psychology of racism, as the latest guest on the Barrier Busters: Women of Character Podcast. Dr. Tatum joined TLG Senior Consultant and Women in Leadership host Anne Quiello, PCC, for the podcast’s 5th episode, which is set for a mid-September release. Dr. Tatum has received numerous awards over her successful career, including the Brock International Prize in Education (2005). She also is a recipient of the American Psychological Association (APA) Award for Outstanding Lifetime Contributions to Psychology (2014). On top of that, Dr. Tatum was honored with the TLG Leadership Character Award in Education in 2010. Listen in for a sneak preview:      

Leading the Conversation

  Dr. Tatum has authored four books, including the New York times Best-Seller, “Why are all the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?”. Dr. Tatum recently released a revised 20th anniversary edition of the book in 2017, adding 100 pages of additional content. During the podcast, Dr. Tatum discusses with Anne the importance of her book and it’s continuing significance in today’s context. Dr. Tatum also shares experiences growing up that helped to shape her worldview and her career path. She then tackles issues like racial identity, bias, and the importance of talking about race with our youth. “Whether you talk to your children about racism or not, they are going to see it, hear about it, witness it on the news, and see it on computer screens… We’re leading them at a disadvantage if we are not able to have those conversations. Don’t be afraid of the conversation. There are lots of resources online and great books that can help parents feel more comfortable,” said Dr. Tatum. As a highly sought after speaker, Dr. Tatum appears on numerous media outlets including NBC News, CNN, The New York Times, USA Today, and NPR, just to name a few. The podcast will first be available on Anchor, and then shortly after will be available anywhere you get your podcasts. Want to be kept up to date with the podcast release and other Women in Leadership news? Join our mailing list!