TLG Has Been Recognized as a 2023 Top Leadership Development Firm by The Enterprise World Magazine

TLG Recognized as Top Leadership Development Firm

Tino MantellaBy Tino Mantella

TLG President & CEO

Turknett Leadership Group (TLG) is proud to be acknowledged as a top leadership development firm by The Enterprise World Magazine. The magazine highlights our company history, our team, and our areas of focus which fall into three primary areas: professional coaching, leadership development training, and culture work.

As I wrap up my tenure as CEO of TLG (it’s not until yearend folks… I am still here), this cover story got me thinking about what truly makes our company special. I want to share what I believe are the top ten reasons:

    1. Our Founders, Bob and Lyn Turknett. Bob & Lyn had a vision they live by and have been committed to helping people, teams, and companies unleash their full potential. For thirty-six years they have inspired everyone within the company to follow their path.
    2. The Leadership Character Model. In 1995, Bob and Lyn created the timeless Leadership Character Model. It was developed almost twenty years ago, but rather than becoming outdated, companies today have continued to use it to move towards the mission of achieving a balance of respect and responsibility with a base of integrity.
    3. Our Stakeholders. TLG’s staff, coaches, and clients, are second to none. Most of our coaches have twenty plus years of experience. All our stakeholders are dedicated and exceptional.
    4. Our Clients. Our clients are loyal. Over the last several years, more than 80% have returned for more services each year. We ask everyone how we are doing through a Net Promoter Score which stands around 80, putting us in the top 1% of companies using NPS (which is most major companies).
    5. Service Diversification. By listening to our client’s needs, we diversified our services to stay ahead of the curve. For example, we saw that many strong individual contributors were being promoted to managers, yet they lacked the proper leadership skills to effectively lead others. So, we created our Manager2Leader program, which has become extremely successful.
    6. Measuring Results. We set goals and measure our results through operating plans and key performance indicators. We know that what gets measured gets done.
    7. Our Brand. We have built our brand by taking advantage of multiple digital channels. Rather than hoping for the phone to ring, we are getting people around the world excited about what we are doing by dramatically increasing our brand awareness and online presence, reaching more people than ever before.
    8. Our Team. The TLG staff is consistently in the community, and it’s something I have done throughout my entire career. We are serving on not-for-profit boards, volunteering to share our collective wisdom as speakers, and networking with HR leaders at every opportunity.
    9. Health. TLG has been named to the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s “Healthiest Employers” list for two years running!
    10. Purpose. TLG is a very purpose-driven organization, and we always lead with our purpose: helping people, teams, and companies unleash their full potential.

Many of you reading this are already leading or participating in companies who have a purpose beyond the financial bottom line. You see all stakeholders, from staff to partners, clients, even vendors as part of your ecosystem.

Nevertheless, I believe there is always room to grow, which often requires starting with a blank slate and asking ourselves questions like, what can we do to better to serve others? For TLG, our key question is, how do we unleash the full potential of the people, teams, and companies we serve while living out the values of our Leadership Character Model?



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