Leadership Character Model

The Leadership Character Model

In 1995, after many years of research and work with executives, we developed a model that describes the character needed for leadership. Illustrated as a scale, Leadership Character is based on a foundation of Integrity and a balance of Respect and Responsibility.

Using established psychological tools and techniques, uniquely focused through the lens of the Leadership Character Model, Turknett helps organizations select, develop, engage and retain the best performing, most ethical talent available.

The belief is that success requires leadership at all levels of an organization, is a core element in the Leadership Character Model. Learn more.

The Leadership Character Awards

Conceived as a way to recognize the best examples of leadership Character in the State of Georgia, this celebration has become an annual event. Turknett’s work with leaders and organizations is centered on developing a culture of leadership at all levels, and therefore the awards recognize excellence not only in top management, but also at every level in the organization. Nominations and information about the Awards

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