Coach Spotlight: Anne Quiello, M.S., PCC – A Leader Who Brings Other Women to the Table

By Karine Dieuvil
Creative Director

As a certified and experienced Executive and Leadership Development Coach, Anne Quiello consults and delivers on talent development strategies aligned with each organization’s talent needs. She has over 20 years of operations, customer service and organizational effectiveness experience within a major U.S. airline during which she served in several executive roles, managing pivotal industry change including mergers, bankruptcy, employee engagement in the face of union organization efforts, and building a learning organization from the ground up. Prior to coaching full-time, Anne created her own consultancy to guide clients to evaluate strategic opportunities from transforming a culture to expanding business into international markets.


A Leader Who Brings Other Women to the Table – Anne Quiello


Q: What makes you passionate about executive coaching? (Where does your passion for coaching come from?)

It wasn’t until the end of my corporate leadership career, that I was first exposed to coaching.  A super-intuitive, insightful woman, who was a former Coca-Cola exec turned coach, came to support our leadership team.  She created a safe and caring place where each of us could get off the hamster wheel and reflect on what was keeping us from maximizing our leadership impact and potential.  I learned for the first time how valuable self-exploration and accelerated development through coaching can be.  I was hooked (and still am)!  Today, I get to partner with individual leaders who may be stuck in limiting beliefs, assumptions and costly patterns of behavior or with those who aren’t able on their own to envision a future where they take their leadership talents to the next level.  So often, I witness a valuable shift in a leader’s mindset as it expands and considers multiple possibilities for solutions, decisions, and a vision for their future.  It doesn’t get better than that!


Q: What is a common misconception you’ve observed about strong leadership?

The most common misconception I’ve observed about strong leadership is when women “exert” their leadership in meetings or in groups and are perceived as overly aggressive.  Research, including TLG research, indicates that women leaders actually view themselves as less competent than men and women feel less confident than men.  Generally, women leaders are less likely than men to speak up in meetings and assert themselves in groups, so we often find women benefit from coaching to change this limiting mindset about competence and confidence.

Where’s the sweet spot between being a confident, competent leader and gaining the respect of those we need to influence?  It’s one of the most important areas of leadership for women that we’ll explore in our upcoming Women In Leadership podcast series targeting specific development areas important to women.  Stay tuned!


Q: How do you aim to make an impact within the industries you navigate?

My aim is to increase coaching demand and availability for leaders at any level, in any organization, and across industry sectors. Numerous research indicates there is high satisfaction (99% satisfaction quoted by International Coach Federation) among clients who hire coaches.  Not surprising given the most often quoted results:  increased productivity through confidently pursuing new ideas and fresh perspectives and improving individual and team effectiveness; improved self-confidence, interpersonal relationships, communication skills, and work/life balance; greater learning and clarity for forward action.


Q: What advice would you give a young woman who is an aspiring entrepreneur?

First read “Level Up, Rise Above the Hidden Forces Holding Your Business Back,” by Lara Hodgson (co-authored with Stacy Abrams), CEO & President of NOW Corp., and sought after speaker.

Lara recently spoke at our December, 2022 Women In Leadership Signature Series and generously offered key pieces of advice to all entrepreneurs and especially women, having experienced a key failed business venture first hand and then applying those lessons to her latest and very successful business with a noble purpose to “enable businesses to grow fearlessly.”

Speaking of noble purpose, I also recommend aspiring entrepreneurs read “Leading with Noble Purpose,” by Lisa McLeod, Executive Advisor and another sought after speaker.  Lisa was our guest presenter, during January, 2023.  She expertly guided us through the business criticality of engaging customers and employees through a noble purpose, how to create a noble purpose, and success stories from a variety of real clients.

Women In Leadership and the learning generated through amazing, featured guests provide all who choose to lead, fresh inspiration, information, and invigoration to make aspirations happen. WIL has a noble purpose too!


Q: What would you consider a pillar of your coaching philosophy?

It’s hard to choose one.  Coaching for me is like a three-legged stool that includes:

  • Curiosity about what’s most important to each leader I have the privilege to coach, and why.

  • Care for creating a relationship of trust and space for each client to feel safe to be their authentic self without reserve.

  • Courage to be an honest mirror for my clients as they absorb and process self-awareness which can be uncomfortable at times, but where growth happens.


Anne Quiello continues to set a remarkable example of a successful woman in business who brings other women to the table. You can find more of her on TLG’s new podcast set to debut in February!