Customization is the Name of the Game


Tino MantellaBy Tino Mantella

TLG President & CEO

I have held on tight to a term I heard a leader say a few years back – “we are large enough to serve you and small enough to know you”. To me, living by this mantra means that Turknett Leadership Group’s (TLG) 43 passionate leaders will do everything in their power to understand the customer’s needs and provide services that generate the perfect match. Making changes in an enterprise-sized company is like maneuvering a battleship – it’s difficult and slow. This is where a nimble boutique company like TLG has a distinct advantage.

Allow me to share an example: our 360 Plus 3 Coaching Program. This popular solution was created based on a prospective client who desired a powerful and expedient way to increase employee self-awareness at scale. To that end, we leveraged our proprietary 360 Assessment to generate the necessary feedback for each employee. Then, we provided a confidential 90-minute debrief followed by two developmental planning sessions.

This program is derived from our most popular service, the Executive Development Program (EDP). The EDP provides eleven in-depth 90-minute sessions over an 8-to-10-month period. Our EDP has helped thousands of top executives lead better in their role, proving itself to be one of the most impactful development tools on the market.


Meeting Clients Where They Are

Although similar, the 360 Plus Three Program is not nearly as robust as the EDP, yet the results of the program exceeded our client’s expectations. Following the program’s launch, we learned that other companies were seeking a similar experience. Consequently, over the last twelve months, over 200 leaders have now taken and benefitted from the program.

TLG has historically been known as a company that provides exceptional coaching opportunities to executives. This is still a staple in TLG’s services, and our EDP has always been surrounded by a comprehensive set of other programs. However, by listening to our clients and being willing to tailor our services, we’ve diversified our portfolio and now provide a plethora of customizable solutions based on the customer’s needs.

At the end of the day, good companies listen to the customer and then find ways to exceed their expectations. That’s the only way to go and it’s the TLG way!


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