Turknett Leadership Group Announces the Launch of its New Website

TLG Launches New Website

ATLANTA, GA, May 23rd, 2023 – Turknett Leadership Group (TLG), a nationally recognized leadership development firm based in Atlanta, GA is excited to announce the complete redesign and launch of its new website, www.turknett.com, which showcases TLG’s portfolio of leadership development solutions, leadership insights, and more.

The redesign of the website introduces a brand-new look and feel for TLG that reflects the unprecedented growth the organization has experienced over the past few years. The revamp includes several new features and benefits including a clearer pathway for site users to identify their challenges and find the right solutions that TLG offers.

I am thrilled about the launch of Turknett Leadership Group’s new website, a project that encapsulates their commitment to fostering leadership excellence and transformation,” said Shan Pesaru, CEO of Sharp Hue. “Our partnership of almost two decades is a testament to TLG’s dedication to continuous innovation and making it simpler and easier for customers to understand and access their services. At Sharp Hue, we take immense pride in our collaboration with TLG, and it embodies our ambition to leverage technology for meaningful, business-enhancing change.”


Website Updates and Features

The redesign also features numerous other updates including a press room for media inquiries, newsletters, an interactive timeline showcasing TLG’s history, a portal for Women in Leadership members, and so much more.

I’m so excited with the new website launch,” said Tim Huff, VP of Leadership Development at TLG. “The revised format will help guests on our site quickly find the most relevant content for them in a clean, easy-to-use layout. The primary navigation elements of “Your Challenges” and “Our Solutions” gets to the heart of how we can help unleash leadership potential for organizations of any size!

TLG’s vision is to spread leadership character around the world. The launch of this new website is built to help users identify their challenges and easily find the solutions they need to make this vision a reality.

## About Turknett Leadership Group

Turknett Leadership Group (TLG) is a leadership development firm located in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded by Bob and Lyn Turknett in 1987, TLG has been providing timely leadership development services for 35 years. The Turknett Leadership Character Model creates the foundation for all TLG service offerings. TLG has worked with thousands of individuals, teams, and companies to help them unleash their full potential. To learn more about Turknett Leadership Group and how we can help, please visit www.turknett.com.