Turknett Turnkey 360

You Get the Results, we Take Care of the Rest

At TLG, we believe that when implemented effectively by a trained professional, the 360-assessment is an excellent tool for individual and team development.

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What is our Five-Factor 360-Assessment?

Our 360 is a multi-source assessment survey that identifies a leader’s strengths and areas for growth. We generate the report by asking peers, direct reports, superiors, and customers to provide information about the leader’s qualities. It’s a validated assessment that covers 55 dimensions of leadership. Scores are compared to those of other senior executives, giving a snapshot of strengths and developmental areas. The “five-factors” include disciplined execution, building relationships, inspirational character, strategic thinking, and the ability to develop others.

How it Works

Our unique process puts you in the driver’s seat and includes (but is not limited to):

  • Training individuals who can effectively conduct the reviews and coach participants on feedback.
  • Disseminating and collecting rater information.
  • Analyzing the data.
  • Providing a comprehensive set of reports to the trained individuals who in turn review with participants.

Unique Benefits

  • Avoid the high costs of third-party and off-the-shelf 360-assessments.
  • Take full control of the 360 process, developing your employees at your pace.
  • Empower HR to administer the 360-assessment and coach employees.
  • Enhance your corporate culture while identifying areas of improvement.
  • Decrease staff & leader turnover while building accountability.

Want to Know More?

Contact us to learn how our Turnkey 360 solution is putting the power of the 360-assessment in your hands.