Executive Presence Workshop

The Critical Trait Every Leader Needs

Executive presence is not a measure of performance, it’s a measure of image: whether you signal to others that you have what it takes.

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Your Professional Brand and Image Matters

Our half-day Executive Presence Workshop is designed to give your leaders the professional guidance and skills they need to level-up their leadership, prepare for advancement, and effectively manage their professional brand.

TLG’s Half Day Workshop Includes:

Corporate Etiquette:

  • Learn the unspoken rules of executive behavior.
  • Become the Chief Branding Officer of your professional brand.
  • Shape the narrative around how others see you.

Unlocking Executive Presence:

  • Learn to Radiate Gravitas: We’ll explore the most important
    aspects of gravitas and how you can master your confidence.
  • Communicate Powerfully: identifying others’ styles and the
    challenges encountered when working with others’ styles.
  • Amplify Your Presence: learning and applying techniques for
    improved team effectiveness.
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  • Enhance your career path by learning the important competencies every executive needs to succeed.
  • Master your professional and personal brand.
  • Gain new leadership skills that position you for advancement.
  • Increase teamwork and collaboration.

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