Bill Dickinson, D. Min, RCC

Senior Consultant

Dr. Bill Dickinson is a senior leadership advisor who develops enterprise-wide leadership capacity while ensuring business and performance outcomes are aligned. He is passionate about cultivating leaders who are grounded in confidence, credibility, and competence. More specifically, Bill has supported clients from across industries as they sharpen the skills and minimize the gaps that allow them to deliver meaningful and measurable results for their organizations while thriving personally. Over his 25 years as a leadership professional, Bill has also consulted for a variety of leaders as they have introduced and navigated new opportunities as well as overcome obstacles to results and relationships that sometimes derail these opportunities. Currently, Bill excels in unpacking and aligning leadership and 360 profile assessments for more impactful and agile leadership.

Career Highlights

  • For Automotive Company: Led all high-potential and executive leadership development efforts
  • For National Non-Profit: Built and staffed a national Organization Development consultancy practice serving Senior and C-Suite leaders and others throughout the USA and Canada
  • For International Health Organization: Organizational change and resilience programming
  • For a Technology Company: 360 Assessment Feedback and action planning for CTO and select VPs for an organization going public
  • For National Transportation Company: High-potential program development and delivery; strategy & execution, self-leadership and regulation, and team development

Areas of Specialization

  • Executive Leadership Development & Coaching
  • High Potential Development & Performance Acceleration
  • Manager and People-Leader Skill Development
  • Organizational Leadership: Vision, Purpose, and Strategy
  • 360 Assessment Feedback & Action Planning
  • Psychological Safety & Team Effectiveness
  • Self-Leadership & Professional Brand
  • Role Clarity & Outcome Alignment
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Cultural and Sensitivity Coaching/Training

Unique Attributes

  • Launched and served as the national managing partner for a 29-day leadership content curriculum entitled Leadership in Context
  • Designed and delivered 75+ substantive leadership and learning development opportunities, both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations
  • Over 5,000 hours of platform, delivery, and facilitation expertise
  • Registered Corporate Coach
  • Bachelors in Public Administration from Michigan State University, M.A. in Philosophy and Ethics and D.Min, a professional doctorate in Leadership Development from St. Mary Graduate School, Cleveland

Boards/Advisory Roles

  • Mayor Andre Dickens LGBTQ Advisory Board, City of Atlanta
  • Advisor, Atlanta Tech Village
  • Hobbies

    Dinner parties, hiking, travel

  • Favorite Food

    Italian, Salmon in Vodka Sauce

  • Band


  • Movie

    Schindler’s List

  • Super Power:


  • TV Show

    Schitt’s Creek

  • Book

    The Tipping Point and Odd Thomas

  • Quote

    "Lead your life so you wouldn’t be ashamed to sell the family parrot to the town gossip." ― Will Rogers

Consultant Insights

  • My ideal client is someone [an organization] that:

    Wants to learn, stretch, evolve, and achieve.

  • The highlight of my career so far has been:

    Starting my own leadership and coaching practice.

  • My superpower as a coach is:


  • My philosophy on life is:

    Be thankful. Be abundant.

  • I hope my legacy is one of:

    Self-worth for all.