Clutch Names Turknett Leadership Group as a Top-Performing Georgia Business Consulting Company for 2022

ATLANTA, GA, – Turknett Leadership Group (TLG), a nationally recognized leadership development firm based in Atlanta, Georgia, has been officially recognized as a Clutch 2022 Leader for Georgia’s business consulting industry!

Clutch is a ratings service platform that publishes data-driven content encompassing the IT, marketing, and business services spaces. The website annually holds an awards cycle to celebrate the leading companies that demonstrate unequivocal determination, thought leadership, and the ability to deliver strong results. The Leaders Awards’ evaluation process takes into close consideration several variables like client testimonials, portfolio, and brand reputation.

Turknett Leadership Group has been unleashing the potential of thousands of clients for more than three decades. We are proud to receive this recognition on behalf of the people that we have served who are making a difference in the world.” says Tino Mantella, TLG President & CEO.



None of this would be possible without the support and recognition of TLG’s clients. Relationships are built on trust, and the high net promoter score that TLG boasts reflects the unwavering commitment to customer service and satisfaction that TLG’s team strives to deliver.

Unleashing the potential in every client we touch is central to our mission,” said Tino. “Measured by our Net Promoter Score of over 80, our customers are letting us know that we are impacting their abilities to lead others.

TLG’s mission is to develop leaders of character who forge cultures of inclusiveness, respect, trust, and accountability. While large enough to serve any organizations, it’s TLG’s ability to know each and every client personally that helps them to continuously receive strong reviews and net returning business.

  ### Turknett Leadership Group

Turknett Leadership Group (TLG) is a leadership development firm located in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded by Bob and Lyn Turknett in 1987, TLG has been providing timely leadership development services for 35 years. The Turknett Leadership Character Model creates the foundation for all TLG service offerings. TLG has worked with thousands of individuals, teams, and companies to help them unleash their full potential. To learn more about Turknett Leadership Group and what we do, please visit