Tim Huff, ACC

President & CEO

Tim Huff is President & CEO of Turknett Leadership Group and an Executive Coach who has a passion for helping leaders and executives at all levels tap into the greatness that exists within themselves to lead their teams at their full potential and live their lives intentionally and unapologetically. With over 30 years of high-stakes leadership experience in the U.S. Army as well as multiple Fortune 500 companies, he has a unique background that allows him to empathize with his clients’ leadership challenges as he helps them in their journey of transformational change. Prior to becoming President of TLG, Tim was the VP of Leadership Development within the company.

As a Certified Executive Coach, Tim enjoys coaching and advising individuals as well as teams in values-based leadership, effective behaviors, healthy relationships, executive presence, and high-performing team dynamics. With a strong business and Information Technology background, he understands the pressures placed on today’s executives as well as the value of excellent leadership in an organization. Tim’s mission is to help all leaders be at their best for their teams!

Career Highlights

  • For a Global Medical Supply Company: Led large-scale IT Managed Services transition for all network services and application development and support operations across 200+ applications yielding over $2M in savings
  • For a Major Industrial Materials Company: Spearheaded a three-year digital transformation strategy that yielded dramatic improvements in customer service, infrastructure reliability, and cost-effectiveness
  • For a Leading National Retail Company: Chosen from more than 100 leaders to receive the Company’s IT Leadership Award in recognition of customer relationship excellence, associate engagement excellence, world-class technology vision and strategy, and flawless execution
  • For a Global Entertainment Company: Led the re-launch of a major cruise line e-commerce website that dramatically improved the guest’s online experience. Also led the delivery of the company’s first online dining reservation system
  • For U.S. Army: Served as Chief Operations Officer for the brigade that trained and lead the Afghan National Army (Operation Enduring Freedom, 2005-2006)

Areas of Specialization

  • Leadership Coaching and Advising
  • Effective Behavior Development
  • Shaping Executive Presence
  • Improving Employee Engagement
  • Managing Priorities and Overwhelm
  • Minimizing Team Dysfunction
  • Improving Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Building on Personal Strengths and Values
  • Creating Vision and Strategy
  • Cultivating Personal Network and Brand
  • Strengthening Personal Foundations

Unique Attributes

  • B.S. in Industrial Management from Clemson University and Masters of Business Administration with a Technology Management concentration from the University of Phoenix
  • Graduated from the U.S. Army Ranger School, the Army’s premier leadership training institution
  • Certified to facilitate Wiley’s EverythingDiSC Assessment tools and workshops
  • Earned Certified Executive Coach certification from the Center for Executive Coaching
  • Developed a Comprehensive Coaching Framework for coaching the whole person for leadership success
  • Speaker on topics of Authentic Leadership and Executive Presence
  • Member of Board of Directors for BH Technology Group, improving the health and wellbeing of seniors in the Greater Atlanta area.
  • Maintains a private practice focus on coaching and advising IT Leaders and Executives.
  • Hobbies

    Hiking, running, and enjoying good wine.

  • Food

    I’m not much of a foodie, but I do enjoy a perfectly prepared cheese burger with some crispy fries.

  • Band

    I like all kinds of music, but I’d say my favorite of all time is Pat Metheny Group (jazz). Then again, recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Kenny Chesney.

  • Movie

    No contest: Saving Private Ryan. Runner up: Forrest Gump (Yes, I’m a Tom Hanks fan!) I’m also a sucker for all the Marvel movies.

  • Super Power

    Patience. I’m told that I have an extraordinary ability to be patient with people and situations. Not often the easiest thing to do, but makes a big impact on others when I show off this super power.

  • TV Show

    I should say it’s something intellectual like 60 Minutes, but it’s actually Parks and Recreation. Funniest TV show ever!

  • Book

    I’d have to say Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. I have lots of books I love (fiction and non-fiction), but I’d say this book is one that had a big impact on my life.

  • Quote

    “Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.” It’s kind of cliché, but his story has been motivating for me during times when I’m tempted to give up on something. - Jimmy Valvano

Consultant Insights

  • My ideal client is someone [an organization] that:

    Is open minded to try different ways of thinking, energetic to learn something new, and courageous to step out of their comfort zones.

  • The highlight of my career so far has been:

    It would probably be this one: In my most recent (current) role as the head of IT for the Global Products division of Owens & Minor, I led a large - scale IT Managed Services transition across 200+ business critical applications saving over $2 Million in savings per year.

  • My superpower as a coach is:

    Probably has to be Empathy. Since I’ve experienced so much as a leader, from making life and death decisions in Afghanistan, to encouraging a new manager who’s making their first presentation to executives, I know what it’s like to be in the high - stakes leadership arena. I can truly empathize with my clients in the world they’re living and help them level up as a leader.

  • My philosophy on life is:

    In order to get as much fulfillment out of the life we’re gifted with, it’s important for us to unapologetically be our authentic selves.

  • I hope my legacy is one of:

    Humility and service.